Coffee Scrub The Bordeaux Way

Coffee Scrub The Bordeaux Way

What shape is your mug in these days? No judgement, but how often do you take a really close look at your face? At your pores, frown lines and dark marks? You know they won’t just go away if you act like you don’t see them right. They won’t just miraculously get better if you ignore them either. Yep, you’re looking at them and they’re looking at you!  But it’s ok, because we’ve got your back! Assuming you clicked on this blog wanting to know all about our wonderful Café Bordeaux Coffee Scrub, we also know that there may be deeper reasons that you are in our skin care section. Deep dermis issues even. See what I did there?!? Alright bad skincare jokes.

Ok, let’s dive right in. The first thing you should know is that the Wine Down Beauty Café Bordeaux Coffee Scrub is our most natural product to date. This scrub is made with an amazingly aromatic blend of Himalayan salt, organic cane sugar, coffee, all-natural oil blends and as always, wine extract. There is no fragrance in this product making it both completely natural AND vegan! (for those that care😊)

Your homework assignment will be to look up Bordeaux wines if you’re not familiar so you can see why we’ve given this awesomely blended product its name….. Anyhow, let’s get into what this product means for you!


  1. Coffee: Now if you are one of our beloved coffee drinkers, the smell alone will be a nice addition right before or after your morning cup if you do this first thing in the a.m. Though you could actually eat this scrub, save some for your face and here’s why. The coffee in this scrub is going to help get rid of your dark circles, balance your skin’s PH, even your skin tone, help to fight acne, fight aging AND it will help to reduce cellulite (also good on thighs wink wink). It also contains B3 which helps to fight skin cancer.
  2. Organic Cane Sugar: now this non-abrasive addition is actually good at helping your skin retain moisture. Cane sugar also contains Glycolic Acid which helps to remove dead skin.
  3. Himalayan Salt: Now if you are anything like me, I love a good combo of sweet and salty (something I picked up while pregnant with my daughter) so this makes it hard for me to not want to at least lick a little off of my lip! But again, because this salt will help treat acne and contains trace minerals that will help replenish nourishment, I put my face’s needs before my own. Selfless, I know!
  4. Natural Oil Blend: this blend is made up of non-pore clogging oils that pair nicely with all of the other ingredients to help hydrate your skin, reduce aging, heal wounds and fight acne.
  5. Wine Extract: and of course, I’ve saved the best for last! This alone will clean out your pores, improve skin elasticity, prevent aging and is extremely effective in evening your skin tone.

If you’ve completed your mini homework assignment, I’m sure you can now see how this “blend” got it’s name!

Though you’ve probably guessed it already, here’s where you can use this product…..Everywhere! Seriously. It’s good for the face, body and feet. Any areas that you’d like to tighten and remove dead skin from. For me, this is face scrub gold. I accidentally (maybe I should say lazily) went 2 weeks without using it and I could absolutely tell the difference. My skin tone was still even, but that glow just wasn’t as glowy. Do you know what I mean?….That natural glow you have when you know you’re happy and living and eating right. This coffee scrubs gives me THAT kind of glow! Not to mention my face is extremely sensitive to harsh ingredients, too many ingredients and definitely fragrance. If I even smell fragrance too close to my face I will break out! AND, even though it contains oils it not only prevents me from breaking out, but keeps my skin so soft and smooth. You don’t have to take my word for it. It’s available on this website for you to try it out! Whichever brand you choose, I just strongly recommend that a good (quality) coffee scrub get added to your skincare routine. Especially for those that struggle a bit with a regimen.


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