Wine in skincare???

Wine in skincare???

I know when you hear the word wine sign me up is the next thing that comes to mind. But, wine infused skin care??? This super ingredient is slowly beginning to emerge in skincare in the U.S market in products like wine masks and you'll even see the scientific term Resveratrol listed as an ingredient in some eye creams. If you haven't noticed this already, after reading this article you probably will. How is wine beneficial for your skin you ask. Well.....let's get into it!

Resveratrol is what's released by the skin of a grape once the grape has been bruised. It acts to quickly replenish the cells and heal the skin of the grape. It does the same exact thing with our skin. Resveratrol is being listed as one of the must have ingredients for anti-aging and skin repair. It's extremely high in antioxidants and it's benefits include fighting acne, improving elasticity and helping to remove toxins and air pollutants from the skin. It really is a super ingredient for skincare and luckily, we have it in almost all of our products!!! You're welcome!

I fell in love with resveratrol because I love the idea of organic, clean, vegan ingredients in anything you either put in or on your body. So the fact that this ingredient is all of those things pushed me to give it an immediate try. I tried an organic version for a few months completely undiluted and fell into absolute love. In just a few days I had already notice brighter smoother skin. I mixed this product in with my organic scrubs and used all over my body. No lie, miracles began to happen! My skin started to retain moisture. I notice I didn't have a need to put on a moisturizer straight out of the shower in an attempt to avoid ashy skin. It just no longer existed. My skin was smooth and hydrated and glowing! Of course you still want to moisturize you skin, but the point is I wasn't doing it to avoid that chalky ash dry skin. You know what I mean?....Now I use the butters out of the shower to ensure I keep the elasticity in my skin and the signs of aging minimal. 


Needless to say, this was the inception of Wine Down Beauty. I HAD to share this with everyone. Woman OR man. 


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