Marching To The Beat of Your Own Drum

Marching To The Beat of Your Own Drum

Hey Beauties,

We have weathered the winter season and it is almost time for us to step into spring. One thing that the seasons teach us is that change is inevitable, and we must learn to adapt. These last twelve months have been all about adaptation and getting used to the “new normal”. While change can be intimidating at first, it gives us a chance to tap into our own intuition and to follow our gut instincts. We may not know what is to come but we can trust ourselves to find a way. And how exactly do we do that? We’ve come up with a few simple tips to get you started. First off, get to know yourself and what you’re made of. A lot of us have a hard time trying to differentiate our own voice from the many voices in our head that have been cultivated by society. Listening to yourself will strengthen your intuitive instincts; thus, allowing you to build your confidence in your choices. Also, we need to have a clear understanding of what our path is and being comfortable with where that path may take us, even if that means we may have to divert from prevailing ideologies. Sometimes we just have to be comfortable marching to the beat of our own drum, as they say

Whether it’s business, relationships, or personal endeavors, we can’t allow fear of the unknown to keep us stagnant. A wise man once said, “The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself”, or as we like to say; “You never know how dry the wine is until you taste it”. While we all do what we can to prepare for life events, there are some things we just have to experience for ourselves. Lastly, do not be afraid to make mistakes. As long as we learn from those mistakes, we will continue to grow and make strides in our journeys. The old wives used to break it down into 3 lessons; bought sense, taught sense, and caught sense. Bought sense, is the price you pay for having to learn the hard way. Taught sense is taking heed to words of wisdom and applying them to your life, while caught sense is seeing for yourself what another may have endured and deciding to take your own route. Caught sense is the most undervalued teacher of life. It is perfectly okay to not want what everyone else may want. It is okay for your life not to look like the blueprint that was laid out for us. It’s okay to prefer Merlot over Cabernet. The reason that it’s all okay is because it’s all about what makes you happy. If you’re the only person that ever catches on to the rhythm that your drum is beating, keep dancing anyway. And if you want to look good while doing it, head over to and check out some of our amazing wine infused products.

If anyone wants to see you shine, it’s us! From our amazing body butter, to our exfoliating scrubs, we got you covered. Do your skin a favor and shop now. Until next month beauties, onward and upward!

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