Activate April

Activate April

We've all heard the sayings "spring into action" or "spring ahead" right? Well this season we are narrowing that a bit and coming with a much sharper boost. This month is all about ACTIVATION! What does that mean? To activate means to make something active. It can sometimes be hard to think about how to keep something in motion you have yet to set into motion. Make sense? So, how do we do that. First, we need to take a look at some things we need to activate in ourselves this month. You guys know I'm big on the one at a time method (for another blog) so let's just start with that number. Pick one discipline you want to activate in yourself in order to improve the quality of your life, your mental health, your business or the interactions others have with you. For example, maybe you need to work on completing things. You know not starting this and jumping to something else by noon and then something else by the end of the day having touched three productive things and completing absolutely zero.  Maybe you need to work on being organized. Having everything in a strategic place so you aren't wasting valuable minutes or even hours on simply locating what you need in order to get started with your work. Maybe you need better stress management so you can keep your momentum going. Whatever your things are, just pick one. We first need to activate it in order to get it going. Once we get it going we can then work on maintaining it. For the full 30 days of April we are going to focus on first setting it into motion. 

Got your one thing? Now that we have that, let's talk about how we are going to activate this or make it active in our daily lives:

1. Create a morning affirmation declaring very precisely that you are and exude this thing that you are working on. For instance, if you are working on being more disciplined your affirmation could be "I take pride in how disciplined I am. My discipline is unwavering!" The key to affirmations are making sure that it resonates with your spirit and it feels empowering. It won't feel that way every day, but it should be something that moves you. The more you say this each day and implant it within your subconscious, you will see that you surely begin doing things that bring it to fruition.

2. Start with low hanging fruit. Let's just be real. If you are not a runner it will be extremely difficult to go from nothing to running 3 miles everyday. If you set your target that high there is a good chance you will get overwhelmed or discourage from constantly watching yourself not accomplish that big goal. Yes we always want to dream big and all of that, but understand that sometimes it's just about building the muscle and endurance for the long haul at first. So, if you are trying to be more organized just start with putting things in your house back immediately after use. Don't make a cup of coffee and walk away without putting the sugar back or don't pull out a wine bottle opener and then sneak off away from the kids with the opener still on the counter. Or, don't cook and leave the seasoning out. These things seem small, but what they will begin to do is put you in the mindset that everything has a place and should always remain there when not in use. Again, we are building the muscle. Think for a bit on how to apply this to your one thing.

3. Don't make excuses for yourself! As for as I'm concerned, reasons and excuses are the same thing (yes, this is the tough love part). When you are out from work and have a doctor's note, it's excused right. Which means a justifiable reason for not being present making it ok.....well guess what?! It's not okay. Yes, we all have very understandable reasons for not finishing deadlines, or always being late or not starting a project. The reality is, does it matter? It does not! At the end of the day, things are not getting done and we are not maximizing our time. So, if you fall off of the horse, do not make the excuse. Really sit in your power and capability. Recognize that you fell (because it happens) and tell yourself that you CAN do better and you will begin to see that you do!

Any successful person knows that they are in an ever evolving cycle of self improvement. If you're lucky, you will always see things in yourself to work on. There is a lot of purpose and fulfillment in that type of work and so try to keep your stress down while going through your process. We must crawl, walk and then run. With consistency in that comes speed. Adopt these steps and create your own formula for activating progress in your life. Once you get that down you just rinse and repeat!

So, there you go for April. You have your mission and our team will be right there with you. If this helped you would you leave us a comment below? As always, your comments and feedback are much appreciated. Don't forget to check in which us throughout your journey. We'd love to hear about your  progress. You can come back and comment below, DM us on IG and Facebook @winedownbeauty or shoot us an email at

Happy Activating....Cheers! 


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