Normalize Luxury

Normalize Luxury

Hey Beauties!

It’s almost Fall which means Harvest Season is upon us. If this pandemic did anything, it brought out the hustler in a lot of us and it’s time to reap the fruits of your labor. Of course the grind never stops but sometimes we have to pause to smell the roses; even if we have to give them to ourselves. Afterall, who knows all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put in better than you? Who was up late night creating those business plans with you? Who was really with you shooting in the gym? Oh, just you?  So why wait to be celebrated when you can celebrate yourself? Yeah maybe you can’t afford that Chanel purse yet but you just might be able to take care of that stress tension in your neck at the spa. We’re not saying blow the bag; by all means sis, SECURE THE BAG but you can definitely treat yourself for all of your hard work. Out of all the things that we are trying to “normalize” these days; luxury should be at the top of the list for sure, especially when you deserve it. Of course the term “luxury” is subjective but it really comes down to making yourself feel good. This is deeper than self-care, this is the business of allowing yourself the pleasures of your heart. Start with the simple pleasures. It’s the glass of merlot during a hot bubble bath for me but that scrub down with Wine Down Beauty Café Bordeaux coffee scrub just makes my skin tingle, literally. Not only do I feel good after using it, I look good too and that is a direct result of choosing to implement luxury into my life.


So ask yourself, what kind of luxury is your life missing? A Fall Fashion shopping trip? Some last minute fun in the sun? Some luxurious skin care products? Hint. Hint. Whatever it is, do it for you and while you’re at it; head over to Wine Down Beauty and check out our collection. From fragrance to body butter, everything is wine infused and if that isn’t luxury then I don’t know what is.

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Odie Romaguera

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I would like to say that I enjoyed the LIVE last night discussing this topic. I totally feel like I owe it to myself to treat myself more without the guilt of not doing more productive/responsible things. I feel like as a new mom, the majority of my time goes to work and mom life, I tend to leave myself out of self care. This entire first year of my daughter’s life was dedicated solely to her. I find myself getting out a little bit more now that she is older and I truly appreciate ME time so much more than before I became a parent. The small things matter! My pedicures always set me right in a great mood. Going on nice dates and even just enjoying fresh air and listening to the earth are my small amounts of luxury. When I’m really feeling myself, I will call my girls and do a Sex and the City night out on the town. Always very refreshing. I owe it to myself to be kind to myself and take care of myself. To enjoy relaxing moments and times that boost my self confidence. Normalizing luxury is now a part of my routine. Thanks for sharing!!


I feel like this is really motivational in the direction of self care, self health and spending time on yourself. Basically what this brings out of and person is well-being and that’s contagious in itself, “ can’t do a good job at taking care of you if I’m not taking care of me”. Wine Down is promoting the very essence of self-care which is what we all need!

Gerald Williams

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