The Glow-Up

The Glow-Up

Hey Beauties!

We’ve reached level August in 2020 and if you’re reading this, it’s not too late to become exactly who you set out to be this year. Sure, 2020 has had its setbacks and major plot twists but nothing can stop a woman who’s serious about her glow-up! When we say glow-up, we mean a transformation for elevation. An onward and upward stride toward the next level in life towards your best self, if you will. When a woman sets out to become her best self, her focus is unwavering. As we’ve all heard time and time again, change starts from within. The secret to a real glow-up is knowing who you are and walking in that power. Think Beyonce after Destiny’s Child or Rih Rih after Chris Brown. They glow’d up right before our very eyes and over time, these women became some of the baddest in the game.  If nothing else, this year has graced many of us with time to reflect and connect with our authentic selves and take inventory of who and what we really are.

As women, we are natural alchemists when it comes to transformative energy. We can take just about anything and make it into whatever we need it to be. We have the power and ability to give life into even our future selves. Ask yourself “Who do I really want to be and what do I have to do to become her?” What does she look like? What habits does she cultivate? How does she feel? How does she care for herself? Whether you’re a boss babe that burns the midnight oil and treats herself with designer bags or an aspiring artist that uses her commission for those international trips. Knowing exactly who and what you want to be will make your glow- up that much more intentional and intentionality makes all the difference. You can’t just stumble into greatness, you have to embody it. You have to affirm it. You have to decide that it’s yours. Your glow-up isn’t contingent upon what’s going on around you. It’s about what’s going on within you.

There’s a post floating around Beyonce’s internet that says something along the lines of “Fear asks what if? While faith says, even if.” That “even if” mentality is what we mean by unwavering because that means that you have decided that no matter what happens, you have chosen to stay the course and that’s exactly what a glow-up is; not a coincidence but a choice. If we’ve learned nothing else from these “quarantine glow-up challenges” it’s that self-care is essential. Honey, have you seen some of these 10 year differences?  One word, moisturize! We like to say when you know better, you glow better.

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